Boricola "The Taste of Enchantment" is born from the feeling that awakens the happiest island in the world, "Puerto Rico”. With its wonderful people who live under beautiful blue skies, white sand, multicolored flamboyant trees and beautiful sunsets caressed by the refreshing Caribbean breeze. 

From people who are cheerful, vibrant, proud of their Taíno roots, who receive everyone with open arms making them feel their friends of a lifetime, and share with them a smile that makes them fall in love to the point of wanting to stay and live forever in this beautiful island, to continue to enjoy its people and its wide variety of local and international cuisine.

All of these mixtures and experiences inspired a young entrepreneur, a student of International Business in Puerto Rico, to write his master's thesis with support and advice from a chemist friend with a great professional trajectory. Together they developed a formula that would merge all of these charms into one product, with the hopes that it could serve as a contribution to the Puerto Rican heritage and identity and that was a complement to the Puerto Rican cuisine. After many months of testing and focus with local people of various ages and nationalities throughout the island, it was defined that BORICOLA is the non-alcoholic beverage whose taste and presentation better identifies Puerto Rico in the soft drinks and sodas category, and in turn is the perfect complement for alcapurrias, bacalaitos, sorullitos, lechón, chuletas can can and the exquisite mofongo. Boricola is ideal for family and friend gatherings, birthdays, a day at the beach, and any other event where you want to have a good time.

BORICOLA does not intend to compete with any other brand of soda or non-alcoholic drinks in the national or international market, it only seeks to please the request of a public that wants to enjoy and consume products that are distinguished by their national identity, forming a large group of friends across the island and beyond.

This is the first of many products that will be positioned in a short and long term in the homes of Puerto Rico and will be remembered by all who visit the enchanted island of PUERTO RICO.

Our History